Thailand and its culture

As per the information given by my friend who works at Dead Or Alive Tree Services and the information i got from other sources, Thailand is located in southeast of Asia. Its capital city is Bangkok. Thailand is full of beauty; thick forests, crystal blue beaches, yummy food. One can find the luxury hotels to cheap budget hotels and food etc. Thailand is divided into four regions and each region has its own unique culture, tradition and geographical features.

The language of Thailand is Thai. Thai is spoken for governmental and administrative purposes. Thai language varies from region to region. English is not spoken in schools and colleges but now it has been teaching to students as a 2nd language. Due to not speaking English in Thailand the most major problem visitors have come across is conservation problem. Due to this reason many countries are teaching Thailand language especially in USA.

Buddhism is found in majority and Christians thereafter and the Muslims are minority of Thailand. Many beliefs and traditions of Thailand are same as in Buddhism. Ethnic Thai people practiced Buddhism culture so currently it has been following since that time. So the tradition, culture, custom, art and literature are quite similar of India and Thailand.

Thailand practiced high values. They respect their elders and those who have high position in society.  They meet with people to have a smile on face, good sense of humor and politely whether they are upset or ill, they must maintain a good behavior towards others. Men respect the women. After the new law (constitution) women have equal rights to men. Now women are more into medical, politics and start living a great professional life. No both men and women are dominant in society.

Thai people raise their children to give them a complete family Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and children. After marriage couple lives in separate house which they set up their own.

The idea of Sanuk is common and important in their society. Sanuk is meeting someone spontaneously and joyfully.