Beauty of Beijing

Beijing is capital city of China. It is most populous city of china. Tourists play an important role in economy of Beijing as it has many attractions which attract the tourists every year. Beijing has many Temples, Parks, Mausoleum and other beautiful places.

Forbidden City:

A lot of people from china live in my city. From which one of my friend who i met at the female dentist in Syracuse NY and who told me that Forbidden City was an imperial Palace located in center of Beijing. Now it has been converted into Palace museum. The construction was started in 1406 and was completed in 1420. This Palace is complex of 980 buildings and it covers an area of 180 acres. Marble, special wood and golden bricks are used in its construction. This palace is one of the best attractions of Beijing without any doubt. People walk through the halls and get admire and know more about past of China.

Temple of Heaven:

Temple of Heaven is Taoist temple. it is situated in southeastern part of Beijing. It is complex of religious buildings. Construction of temple was started on 1406 and was completed in 1420. There are three main group of construction in temple which are The hall of prayer for God harvests, The imperial vault of heaven and The circular mound alter.  

Summer Palace:

Summer Palace is a complete unit of parks, lakes and palaces located in Beijing. As the name describes Summer Palace was summer residence of rulers of China after Forbidden City. Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake add beauty of Palace.

Gulou and Zhonglou:

Gulou is Drum Tower while Zhonglou is Bell Tower in Beijing. Both are located nearby each other. Gulou was built for musical reason but later it was used to announce time in Beijing but now it is great attraction for tourists. Bell and drum both were musical instruments but later on it were used to announce time. The building of Drum Tower has two stories with height of 154ft long while height of Bell tower is 108ft long.