Sri Lanka and its culture

As par my friend at Wehr Chiropractic Sri Lanka is located in southern Asia. Capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo. Total population of Sri Lanka is consisting upon 69.1% Buddhist, 7.6% Muslims, 7.1% Hindu, 6.2% Christians, and 10% others.

The language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala which belongs to Indo-European language. Tamil and Sinhala are official languages of Sri Lanka.

The religion of Sri Lanka is Buddhism and Hinduism and is practiced in every aspect of life; political, social and cultural.

Greeting style in Sri Lanka varies from region to region and depends upon the ethnic group as well. Youngers usually shake hands but elders usually say Namaste. Women meet men with physical contact but ethically men wait until women extend her hand. They call each other by titles along with sir names.  

Exchange of gifts is considered a good sign. The gifts given in Sri Lanka are not expensive but symbolic. Alcohol is best gift given to other but if taker is Muslim avoid alcoholic things (only give halal things). Always give and accept gift with both hands. Never wrap gift in white and black color as these two colors represent Funeral. Gift is not open when received, wait a while. Never gift flowers as they represent mourn.

Cuisines are always interesting part of any culture, same case with Sri Lanka. They usually take alcohol with their meal. Kiribath is very famous dish which is more popular on special occasions. In kiribath rice are cooked in coconut milk. Sweet oil cake known as Kawum is also popular on special events. Eating outside the home (eating in restaurants) was not so common but now the trend is changing. They usually create hot and cold energies balance in their food. When eating meal remember keep elbows off the table. Always eat with right hand.