Thailand and its culture

As per the information given by my friend who works at Dead Or Alive Tree Services and the information i got from other sources, Thailand is located in southeast of Asia. Its capital city is Bangkok. Thailand is full of beauty; thick forests, crystal blue beaches, yummy food. One can find the luxury hotels to cheap budget hotels and food etc. Thailand is divided into four regions and each region has its own unique culture, tradition and geographical features.

The language of Thailand is Thai. Thai is spoken for governmental and administrative purposes. Thai language varies from region to region. English is not spoken in schools and colleges but now it has been teaching to students as a 2nd language. Due to not speaking English in Thailand the most major problem visitors have come across is conservation problem. Due to this reason many countries are teaching Thailand language especially in USA.

Buddhism is found in majority and Christians thereafter and the Muslims are minority of Thailand. Many beliefs and traditions of Thailand are same as in Buddhism. Ethnic Thai people practiced Buddhism culture so currently it has been following since that time. So the tradition, culture, custom, art and literature are quite similar of India and Thailand.

Thailand practiced high values. They respect their elders and those who have high position in society.  They meet with people to have a smile on face, good sense of humor and politely whether they are upset or ill, they must maintain a good behavior towards others. Men respect the women. After the new law (constitution) women have equal rights to men. Now women are more into medical, politics and start living a great professional life. No both men and women are dominant in society.

Thai people raise their children to give them a complete family Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and children. After marriage couple lives in separate house which they set up their own.

The idea of Sanuk is common and important in their society. Sanuk is meeting someone spontaneously and joyfully.

Sri Lanka and its culture

As par my friend at Wehr Chiropractic Sri Lanka is located in southern Asia. Capital city of Sri Lanka is Colombo. Total population of Sri Lanka is consisting upon 69.1% Buddhist, 7.6% Muslims, 7.1% Hindu, 6.2% Christians, and 10% others.

The language of Sri Lanka is Sinhala which belongs to Indo-European language. Tamil and Sinhala are official languages of Sri Lanka.

The religion of Sri Lanka is Buddhism and Hinduism and is practiced in every aspect of life; political, social and cultural.

Greeting style in Sri Lanka varies from region to region and depends upon the ethnic group as well. Youngers usually shake hands but elders usually say Namaste. Women meet men with physical contact but ethically men wait until women extend her hand. They call each other by titles along with sir names.  

Exchange of gifts is considered a good sign. The gifts given in Sri Lanka are not expensive but symbolic. Alcohol is best gift given to other but if taker is Muslim avoid alcoholic things (only give halal things). Always give and accept gift with both hands. Never wrap gift in white and black color as these two colors represent Funeral. Gift is not open when received, wait a while. Never gift flowers as they represent mourn.

Cuisines are always interesting part of any culture, same case with Sri Lanka. They usually take alcohol with their meal. Kiribath is very famous dish which is more popular on special occasions. In kiribath rice are cooked in coconut milk. Sweet oil cake known as Kawum is also popular on special events. Eating outside the home (eating in restaurants) was not so common but now the trend is changing. They usually create hot and cold energies balance in their food. When eating meal remember keep elbows off the table. Always eat with right hand.

Beauty of Beijing

Beijing is capital city of China. It is most populous city of china. Tourists play an important role in economy of Beijing as it has many attractions which attract the tourists every year. Beijing has many Temples, Parks, Mausoleum and other beautiful places.

Forbidden City:

A lot of people from china live in my city. From which one of my friend who i met at the female dentist in Syracuse NY and who told me that Forbidden City was an imperial Palace located in center of Beijing. Now it has been converted into Palace museum. The construction was started in 1406 and was completed in 1420. This Palace is complex of 980 buildings and it covers an area of 180 acres. Marble, special wood and golden bricks are used in its construction. This palace is one of the best attractions of Beijing without any doubt. People walk through the halls and get admire and know more about past of China.

Temple of Heaven:

Temple of Heaven is Taoist temple. it is situated in southeastern part of Beijing. It is complex of religious buildings. Construction of temple was started on 1406 and was completed in 1420. There are three main group of construction in temple which are The hall of prayer for God harvests, The imperial vault of heaven and The circular mound alter.  

Summer Palace:

Summer Palace is a complete unit of parks, lakes and palaces located in Beijing. As the name describes Summer Palace was summer residence of rulers of China after Forbidden City. Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake add beauty of Palace.

Gulou and Zhonglou:

Gulou is Drum Tower while Zhonglou is Bell Tower in Beijing. Both are located nearby each other. Gulou was built for musical reason but later it was used to announce time in Beijing but now it is great attraction for tourists. Bell and drum both were musical instruments but later on it were used to announce time. The building of Drum Tower has two stories with height of 154ft long while height of Bell tower is 108ft long.

The Trend Of Travel

In case you have ever gone on a trip, you would know that recreation voyaging has numerous advantages. It is no big surprise that numerous individuals love to travel. It is extremely normal, these days, for individuals to simply escape on a getaway trek whenever. Some considerably consider it as a major aspect of their normal way of life. Maybe, the purpose behind its ubiquity is on account of the fact that more individuals have come to understand the advantages of voyaging. Individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds, both youthful and old, appreciate voyaging.

The vast majority of the more youthful explorers tend to look for entertainment, revelation, and experience in their voyages. They like to visit abnormal and intriguing spots. The more seasoned explorers, then again, tend to search for a more lovely and pleasant outing. Truth be told, it was in the relatively recent past that an expanding number of more established individuals begin to go for recreation trips all the more frequently. As you travel, you would understand that the world is so enormous and life is so delightful. You would ultimately understand that, in the fabulous plan of things, we are so little.

Our stresses and our inconveniences back home have a tendency to appear to be less tedious when we’re finding these great things. You’ll feel like you’ve headed out back so as to the play area of your childhood, and you will feel excited and alive like you never have for the past few years when you have drowned yourself in work and mundane daily lives. You can encounter and learn new things at any age, and travel is the ideal approach to do as such. Whether you’re hoping to unwind or be dynamic and test yourself, heading out has the ability to breathe life into the faculties, lightening the flame of motivation, and make us feel youthful once more.

History About Travel

There are many things you can learn as you travel. Travel regularly improves dialect abilities, since in travel they turn into a matter of need. Deciphering signals will lead you to learn new words and idioms. You can either hone your current abilities as you move about a nation, or remain in one place for an opportunity to enlist in a dialect program. A few projects furnish local English speakers with afree learning experience in return for instructing English to neighborhood members. All in all, you will open your eyes to new knowledge and experience as you travel around the world.

You can read about history in a book, or you can really encounter it with your own two eyes. A few places even offer reenactments of critical periods in their history. Numerous spots offer undiscovered greatness under the surface the eye. For instance, Breckenridge, Colorado, is known for its ski resort, yet this previous Victorian mining town has made a heavenly showing with regards to protecting its legacy. You can visit the mines or visit a portion of the all around protected Victorian homes.

Boston is another illustration. It’s an energizing gathering town, yet you can likewise summon the feel of the previous American Revolution by strolling down the Freedom Trail. A stroll through the Coliseum in Rome will transport you back to the times of the Roman Empire. It might be amazing in pictures, however, it’s staggering when you see it on your own, all things considered. Living your day by day life gets tiring after a while, and once you hit that low point where you just feel sick of everything, travel will rejuvenate you. You will be able to open your eyes and see how small your problems really are when compared to the vastness of the world.